Nurse Leader of the Year

The Wisconsin Organization of Nurse Executives honors a Wisconsin nurse leader each spring.

Criteria for selection of the Nurse Leader of the Year include the following:

  1. A member of the Wisconsin Organization of Nurse Executives for at least two years.
  2. Has provided service to the Wisconsin Organization of Nurse Executives through participation in special or standing committees or through an elected office.
  3. Has demonstrated innovation in nursing leadership as evidenced by the development, implementation and evaluation of new programs, workflows, care delivery models, organizational structures, new roles, as examples.
  4. Has promoted the profession of nursing and nursing leadership within the organization and the community; serves as a role model/mentor/coach to others.
  5. Has demonstrated nursing leadership by sharing knowledge and expertise within and outside the organization through presentations, formal course offerings and/or publications.
  6. Has demonstrated a commitment to continuous learning and self-development through formal education, achieving certification and continuing education, as examples.
  7. Has demonstrated positive relationships with other disciplines, as evidenced by references and/or the collaborative nature of examples throughout the candidate’s application.
  8. Participates in a broad range of civic and health care related organizations; a political activist for nursing and health care.
  9. Members who have received the award in the past are not eligible to receive the award again.

The nomination deadline is November 30.